Track List

1. Scratch The Itch
2. You Make My Love Grow
3. Shake A Leg
4. Genie
5. I Created A Monster
6. Play That Funky Music
7. Soldier of Fortune (2016)
8. Lookin' (2016)
9. Free For All
10. Slave For A Day
11. Filthy Dirty Dog
12.Show Me The Way
13. Moving Pictures
14. Big Lie


RADIOUX CITY - Soul Survivor

Record Label: AOR BLVD Records ...CD code: ABR019

After spending over 25 years locked in the vault, the Radioux City debut CD is
finally available! It features 14 fantastic tracks, including 2 fresh recordings by
the original members, that take the listener on a 4 year journey across a rock and roll
landscape that ranges from their early "groove metal" to a heavy funk-rock pinnacle.

Full-Colour Lyrics Insert Included


Photo - Christine Reiff

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