April 26 , 2017

"Let me tell y'all, a funked up fable!"

Cell by cell, storyboard artist James Fairbanks IV skillfully renders the narrative of Radioux City for us. Embedded within the mayhem you can find historical anecdotes, frustrations, experiences, hopes and dreams (both from the past and the present).

In this first installment, John bursts into Gary's room, one sunny morning in 1991, with some fantastical news!

By 1991, the band was weary. They believed they had done everything they could to make a splash, but the all-seeing eye of fame still had not looked in their direction. In this strip, Gary represents that exhaustion.

John, wide-eyed and rejuvenated, represents the unexpected possibility occurring (at least for the music itself) in the present day. Its tough to wake from a 26 year slumber!


Artwork by James Fairbanks IV


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